DynaRoad: Plan - Drawing in Map View

Using Drawing tools to create roads, disposal areas, borrow pits

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DynaRoad: Plan - Drawing in Map View

Drawing Road Lines

  • Select Road Lines from the Editing Mode section of the Home ribbon
  • Trace the alignment from the start station to the finish station
  • Right click the endpoint and choose “attach to” the main road or a new road line.
  • Attaching the road line will display the Road Line Properties menu.
  • Enter the Road Name
  • Modify and apply the road line properties
  • Completed Road shown in Map View

Drawing Areas

  • Select Areas from the Editing Mode section of the Home ribbon
  • Trace and click along the area borders
  • Right-click the share ans Set Area >> New Area
  • Give the new area a Name, and select a color.
  • Select OK to save

Create an Intersection

  • Once the new Area is created, an intersection (haul connection) must be created
  • Select Intersections in the Home ribbon
  • Draw a haul connection from a road line stationing to the area
  • Name the Intersection (haul connection)
  • Set the length between the stations or the area's center of mass

Assigning a Disposal Area

  • Once the intersection has been created, you must define the volume
  • Select Disposal Area from the Insert ribbon
  • On the disposal area properties menu, select the destination type.
  • On the Location tab, select where the disposal area is from the drop-down menu.
  • In the grid, update the destination quantity to define the volume that can be taken there