DynaRoad: Schedule

Using DynaRoad's Scheduling module to do the following:

  • Edit tasks
  • Edit resources
  • Set dependencies
  • Adjust durations
  • Create filters
  • Create sum tasks
  • Export tasks
  • Schedule reports

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DynaRoad: Schedule

Edit Tasks

Double-click a task to open the Task Properties

  • General
    • Name (auto-name, or manual entry)
    • Timing (ASAP or specific date/time)
    • Timing Constraints (with or without constraints)
  • Location
  • Hauls
  • Resources
    • Equipment
    • Crew
  • Dependencies


Create Resources - Equipment

  • Select Data sheets from the Home ribbon
  • Select Resources from the drop-down menu
  • Right-click on an empty field and select New…
  • Enter a name, description, and cost for the equipment/resource
  • Select OK


Create Resources - Crews

  • Select Data sheets from the Home ribbon
  • Select Crews from the drop-down menu
  • Right-click on an empty field and select New…
  • Enter a Name and Description for crew
  • Select Modify
  • Add or remove equipment from the resources list
  • Select OK


  • Select the Production Rates and Costs tab and enter valid data, as necessary
  • Select Add/Remove…
  • Add or Remove task types this crew can be assigned to
  • Select OK
  • Select the Production rate box for each task and type in the production rate
  • Select OK

Create Dependencies

  • Select Gantt View
  • Select Dependencies
  • Select and drag from one task to another
  • Set dependency type
  • Select OK

Adjust Duration

  • Select a task
  • Hover mouse over the end of the task
  • Click and drag to adjust the duration

Create Filters

  • Select the down arrow after Active view filter: on the Home ribbon
  • Select <New…>
  • Enter a Name and Description for the new filter
  • Select which tasks to include by checking the box for each
  • Filters can also include Location, Task types, and Resources
  • Select OK 


Create Sum Task

  • Right-click on a task
  • Hover over Add to sum task
  • Select New sum task…
  • Enter a Name and Description for the sum task
  • Select Add tasks…
  • Check tasks to include in the sum task
  • Select OK
  • Select OK again


Export Tasks

  • Select the Project ribbon
  • Select Tasks to Primavera XML
  • Choose the location for the exported file
  • Enter the file name
  • Select Save



  • Select the Home ribbon
  • Select Reports
  • Select the report to view (examples below):
    • Crew report
    • Resource cost report
    • Haul resource report