MAGNET Enterprise: Connecting Bentley ProjectWise Account

Use your ProjectWise credentials to create a secure connection between your company's MAGNET Enterprise account and your Bentley ProejctWise database. 

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MAGNET Enterprise: Connecting Bentley ProjectWise Account

Access Data Manager Widget

  • Select ‘Data Manager’
  • Select the Bentley Settings ‘gear’ icon

Enter ProjectWise Credentials

  • Select ‘Add Repository’ 
  • Name an Alias name for your ProjectWise database
  • Enter the gateway URL
  • Enter your ProjectWise Username and Password
  • Save 


​NOTE: Add additional repositories, as desired.



View Bentley ProjectWise database(s)

  • Under the ‘Bentley’ option in Data Manager, your repository will now be available
  • MAGNET Enterprise honors your ProjectWise security settings
  • Connect to the ProjectWise server to retrieve iModels
  • Copy files from your ProjectWise instance to MAGNET Enterprise Data Manager
    • Select files(s)
    • Copy/Move/Forward files
  • Once files are in your MAGNET Enterprise projects, you can access the models directly in MAGNET Field or Office 

iModels to MAGNET Field

  • Right-click on a Bentley file in MAGNET Enterprise project folders to MJF