Topcon Tesla: Operating System Update Process

How to update/install OS on Tesla field controller. 

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Topcon Tesla: Operating System Update Process

To update the OS on a Tesla, you will need:

  • Topcon Tesla (all models including Tesla RTK network receivers)
  • Topcon Tesla wall charger (always a good idea)
  • Personal computer / laptop with active internet connection
  • SD memory card (to upload operating system update)
  • USB cable (to connect your Tesla and personal computer / laptop)

Important.  As a result of this operating system update within your Topcon Tesla device, you will be required to re-install and re-activate all software

Preparations for Update:

  • Place the Topcon Tesla on charge throughout update process
  • Establish a USB cable connection between your personal computer / laptop and Topcon Tesla device
  • Connections are made using the no-cost software of Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows 7 and newer) and Microsoft ActiveSync (for Windows XP or older). 
  • Backup all pertinent data (data collection jobs, etc.)
  • Launch MAGNET Field data collection software.  From main menu, tap MAGNET icon (upper left corner) and select About.
  • Document your current Serial Number for MAGNET Field software.

Follow these steps:

  • Load extracted OS files onto SD card and insert into SD card slot of Tesla under Battery 1
  • Perform a Hard Reset
    • Press and hold the power button of your Topcon Tesla
    • From fly-out menu, select the Reset option
  • During the update process, it is normal to see notifications of:
    • PIC Update (then green circles of progress bar moving to the right)
    • OS Update (then green circles of progress bar moving to the right)

It is normal for this process to take 3 to 5 minutes.  

  • Next, you will be prompted with a message to, "Tap the screen to set up your Windows Embedded Handheld."

You are then offered the opportunity to declare your specific Time Zone and verify Date information.

Lastly, you will see confirmation of, "Setup is complete. Tap the screen to begin using your device".  Done.

  • Remove SD card containing the OS update files

What does success look like?

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click System
  4. Click System Information
  5. System ID.  The OS version is displayed in the 6th line item down

Do the values shown match the version that was just installed?