TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility): Uploading Frequency Lists

This guide shows the process for uploading frequency tables to GNSS receivers and the SRL-35 external radio.

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TRU (Topcon Receiver Utility): Uploading Frequency Lists

NOTE: Frequency lists can only be created by Topcon dealers.

Please contact your local dealer to get your frequency list customized to your FCC-licensed channels.

Frequency List Formats

DIfferent radio types use different frequency files:

  • DUHF uses a .CCX file.
  • DUHF2 uses a .DCF file.
  • The SRL-35 uses a .MCF file
  • The HiPer HR uses a .DCLF file.

Uploading a Channel List

  • Connect your receiver or external radio to TRU > Modem Managing.
  • Click on the Functions tab.
  • Change the function to UploadFile.
  • Select in the value box under Input Parameters. Navigate to the channel list to be uploaded.
  • Select Execute.
  • You will see a message 'Function "Upload File" has been completed.'