Proven Paradigm GPS+ technology provides superior signal tracking in the harsh environments that you work in, for reliable centimeter-level RTK positioning along with a host of communication and interface options, including USB host and device and CF card data logging. Comprehensive Ethernet connectivity including TCP/IP support, NTRIP Client and Server, FTP server and client and HTML web user interface for remote configuration, make the Euro112 PII easy to integrate with maximum flexibility into any demanding precise positioning application.

  • Standard half Eurocard format with rugged Eurocard interface
  • 144 universal channels of  L1/L2/L5 triple-frequency, multi constellation tracking
  • In-Band Interference Rejection (IBIR) adds up to 30 dB of “anti-jamming” interference suppression
  • Onboard high speed data logging to a CF card
  • Comprehensive Ethernet feature set
  • USB Host and Device support for easy data transfer to external devices
  • Superior signal tracking, hot start initialization and re-acquisition
  • 100 Hz measurement and position output
  • Quartz Lock Loop (QLL) for continuous operation under intense vibration and shock
  • Scalable performance via software option authorization (OAF)

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