MAGNET Construct: Check in/check out licenses

To use full functionality of MAGNET Construct, you have to activate the product. MAGNET Construct offers the option to easily exchange licenses between devices. This quick guide will help you understand all the steps in order to check in/check out licenses.

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MAGNET Construct: Check in/check out licenses

Enterprise connection

A MAGNET Enterprise account is mandatory to be able to use the check in/check out license functionality. Find detailed workflow in this video.

Set up an Enterprise connection

To enable the check in/check out license functionality, the Enterprise account must be set up in MAGNET Construct.

  1. In the Main Menu, click Cloud and Exchange.
  2. In the Exchange menu, click Setup Connection.

3. In the Sign In screen, enter your Topcon Enterprise account:

  • Name (email used in MAGNET Enterprise) and Password 

4. Enable/disable automatic connection to Enterprise when MAGNET Construct starts. Click CONNECT.

5. Once connection is established, you may return to the Main Menu. 

License check out

The Check in/check out license option is based on the central data hub, MAGNET Enterprise, meaning that the terminology is always referring to the data center. In other words:

  • Check out: When a license is available in Enterprise to be used on a field device, and so will check out that license from Enterprise.
  • Check in: When a license is given back to Enterprise, making it available to other users.

From the Main Menu, follow the steps:

  1. Click Configure.
  2. In the Configure menu, click Activation.
  3. Click CHECK OUT to activate a license on the field device.


      4. Confirm the Enterprise user account and click NEXT>>.

     5. Accept the License Agreement.

6. If using a serial number for the first time, type it in the Serial Number field.

7. Or, if the serial number was used before, select from the list which one is meant to be activated.

8. MAGNET Construct shows a successful activation message. Click OK to finish the process.

License check in

To check the license back in to Enterprise, follow the steps:

  1. In the Activation menu, click CHECK IN.
  2. Enterprise uses the default account. To change the account, click SWITCH ACCOUNT. Then, click NEXT >>.

3. Click NEXT >> to transfer the license.

4. Your device is no longer using a MAGNET Construct license, which is now available in Enterprise.