IP-S3: Basic Training - Setup

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IP-S3: Basic Training - Setup

Connection Diagram for IP-S3 System

  • With the IP-S3 system mounted to the vehicle platform, connect the IP-S3 and the wheel encoder to the Timing box using the included cables.  

Power & Logging Computer


The IP-S3 system requires 12V DC power to operate. 

  • Connect the power cable from the timing box to a power source such as the optional power regulator which would be connected to the vehicle’s battery or connect the power cable to a car battery directly. 
  • The red part of the cable is to be connected to the positive (+) terminal and the black part of the cable to the negative (-) terminal.  

Logging Computer

A computer running Microsoft Windows is required for the IP-S3 application software, Mobile Master Field

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from the IP-S3 Timing Box to the Ethernet port on the computer.
  • Connect the USB3.0 cable from the IP-S3 cube, to a USB3.0 port on the logging computer

Turning on the IP-S3 HD1 and Logging PC

Proper power on / startup sequence:

  • Ensure that all cables are connected and that the system is securely mounted to the vehicle platform.
  • Start the vehicle’s engine
  • Supply power to the IP-S3 and turn on the Timing Box and logging computer. 
  • Using the Indicator Box, verify that the system has powered on.  If the Status LED blinks green, the IP-S3 system is on and initialized.  This can take up to 1 min after powering on the system

Logging PC TCP/IP Connection Settings

Ethernet Settings

  • Using the logging PC, open Windows
  • Click the Windows Start icon and type: “View network connections”
  • Select the Local Area Connection which the IP-S3 is connected to, right-click and select Properties
  • Within the connection properties window, select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and select Properties
  • From the Internet Protocol Properties dialog screen, change general settings of this connection to:
    • Radio button: Use the following IP address
    • IP address:
    • Subnet mask:
  • Click OK and exit all active application software


Installing Mobile Master Field

Login to Topcon Total Care and download the current version of Mobile Master Field software from the Support page. 

  • Install Mobile Master Field by launching the executable file “SetupMobileMasterField.exe”
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the install of the Mobile Master Field application.
  • The PointGrey Research Ladybug SDK and drivers which are used for communication to the spherical camera will also be installed at this time.  

Configuring the IP-S3 with Mobile Master Field

  • Open Mobile Master Field
  • Click Settings
  • Double-click Main Settings
  • A new menu will appear that allows the user to create / select a profile and adjust collection parameters.   

IP-S3 Measurement Offsets in Mobile Master Field

  • Under the Cube section in the Main Settings menu, enter in the corresponding IMU axis directions for the system.
  • Please refer to the reference mark on the IP-S3 sensor mount / cube for guidance on what the directions are based on how this is mounted.
  • Under the Wheel Encoder menu, vehicle offset measurements are needed to be entered in.  These values will vary based on the vehicle platform and the way the system in mounted.
  • All measurements are to be based from the measurement reference mark on the IP-S3 sensor mount. 
    • ​This is typically a one time setup per vehicle and should only need to be entered in once after installation.  

IP-S3 Camera Triggering in Mobile Master Field

  • Under the Camera Trigger menu, the collection method of the camera can be configured.  
  • Set the Trigger Mode to Distance and then set the distance value desired under the Pulse Spacing section.  
    • Note: distance is in meters.  
    • Alternative triggering method is periodic or off.

IP-S3 Profiles in Mobile Master Field

  • After all the settings have been entered, select the Profiles section and then click Save As. 
  • Enter a name for the new profile and click OK.
  • Select the name from the profile list and select Set to make this the active profile. 
    • It is recommended to download the profile(s) which will be used as a backup that can be stored on an office PC.   
  • Once all settings have been entered and the profile has been saved and set, close the Main Settings window.
  • Click the home icon located in the top right corner of the settings screen to return to the Mobile Master Field main screen.