FC-2600: Operating System Update Process

How to update/install OS on FC-2600

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FC-2600: Operating System Update Process

To update the OS on an FC-2600, you will need:

  • FC-2600
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • SD Card

Follow these steps:

  1. Load the new OS onto an USB Drive
  2. Power on FC-2600, insert USB drive into USB port.
  3. Click on My Device folder on desktop
  4. Click on USB drive folder
  5. Click on LUNA-OS5600146-LDR41037 execute file
  6. Click on Update
  7. Operating system will start to load once finished and the FC-2600 will power off
  8. Power FC-2600 on, perform touch screen calibration
  9. You will see a different desktop background
  10. You will need to run the config file to set FC-2600 back to Topcon defaults.
  11. Click on my device folder on desktop.
  12. Click on the systemcf folder.
  13. Click on MSDOS Reinstall icon.
  14. Config file will start to load.
  15. The FC-2600 will start to warm boot and you will see the Topcon desktop background.
  16. To confirm version is updated click on mydevice folder on desktop.
  17. Click on control panel
  18. Click on version icon.
  19. You will see the OS version that is currently on the FC-2600.
  20. You will want to reload any user software

What does success look like?

To check the OS version of the FC-2600,

1. Go to Start

2. Click Settings

3. Click control Panel

4. Click Version

5. The OS is listed as the NKBin Version

Do the values shown match the version that was just installed?