MAGNET Field: Installing - Untethered Installation Method

How to install MAGNET Field products via the untethered method

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MAGNET Field: Installing - Untethered Installation Method

Advantages of the Untethered Method:

  • The install can be carried out on the device alone with no PC required to compelete the installation
  • No internet is required to facillitate the install
  • If loaded to an SD card or USB drive, the same installer can be used to install the software on multiple devices


  1. Download either of the "Untethered" install packages (Windows Mobile devices or FC-2600) 
  2. Extract the file and drag and drop the *.exe to an SD card or USB drive
  3. Insert the SD card into controller's memory slot, or insert USB drive to USB port
  4. Click File Explorer
  5. In the upper left corner, click the arrow that appears beside My Device and choose SD Card or USB drive designator
  6. Click the MAGNET Field install package
  7. The installer will check certain operational prerequisites. Click Next
  8. When the device has passed the aforementioned prerequisites, the software presents a welcome screen
  9. The user is asked to agree to the End User License Agreement. Click "I accept" and then click Next
  10. The next screen asks the user to choose the install location. It is recommended that the customer always leave this as the default. Click Next
  11. Select the needed attributes, if any, then click Install
  12. The software installation process will begin with progress showing in the indicator bar.
  13. Installation has successfully finished, and the software will open so that the user may begin the activation process