MAGNET Field: Stake Reference Surface

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MAGNET Field: Stake Reference Surface

MAGNET Field Stake Reference Surface

  • A reference surface is a surface defined to be used when staking points, linework, roads and etc…



  • Data collector with licensed version of MAGNET Field
  • Import desired data 


Setup Reference Surface

  • Select Stake|Point
  • Select the Point to be staked
    • Select map icon to pick a point from the map
    • Select list icon to pick a point from a list  


Setup Reference Surface Stake Point

  • Select MAGNET "M" button in upper left
  •  Select Setup >> Reference Surface
  • Check Use reference surface
  • Select list icon to choose the desired surface


  • Select the Surface
  • Select green checkmark icon to save 


  • Select arrow icon to confirm surface information 
  • Select green checkmark icon  to save


  • Select Stake