MAGNET Office License Manager: Adding Licenses

How to add MAGNET Office (any variation) software serial number licenses to the License Server Manager. 

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MAGNET Office License Manager: Adding Licenses

  • Open License Server Configuration software
  • Select the Add License button
  • Select Next > button once the wizard opens

Note: As with all MAGNET license activations, there are two options for activation, online and offline. For the purposes of this guide, we'll demonstratte Online Activation

  • Select Next >
  • Enter MAGNET Enterprise login credentials
  • Select Next > 

NOTE: If you do not yet have an existing account, follow the link in the image to create a FREE account for your MAGNET software.

  • Enter a valid MAGNET Office Network serial number
  • Select the Device ID the serial number will be registered to
    • It is recommended to choose the Network Card Device ID for all Network Licenses.
  • Select Next >
  • After reading teh EULA, select the check-box in the lower-left to Accept the terms
  • Select Next >
  • Enter a name for the current serial number

NOTE: This name will appear in the "Description" column of License Server Configuration software. The default name is the product followed by the serial number. You do NOT have to change the name, but it is NOT editable later. 

  • Select Activate
  • The license is always activated at the most recent version of MAGNET Office that is allowed. Any installation on the same network with a version up to and including the one displayed can be activated with this license. 
  • Multiple licenses may be added by repeating the steps above
  • Multiple license types can be activated on the same license server. Each installation will only check out a license that exactly matches the Product Name in MAGNET Office to the Modules on the license server.