MAGNET Office License Manager: Managing the Topcon License Server

Starting and stopping MAGNET Office License Server and assigning a Server Port for communication

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MAGNET Office License Manager: Managing the Topcon License Server

Assigning a Server Port

  • With License Server Configuration open, select Set Server Port button
  • Enter a TCP/IP port number from 0 to 65535

IMPORTANT: Select a port that is not going to interfere with other network communications. If you are unsure what other ports are being used by the server we recommend using the default port: 54872.

  • Select OK
  • In order for remote requests to make it to the license server, the selected port will need to be opened through the server's firewall. For more information on this process, follow the link at the bottom of the page. 

Using the License Server Monitor

  • In License Server Configuration select the Monitor button to open the License Server Monitor window
  • When a license is in use it will be displayed in the License Server Monitor
  • License Server Monitor interacts with the Topcon License Server running the background of Windows in the following ways:
    • Refresh - sends a queyr to the service refreshing the list of licenses currently in use
    • Restart Server - stops and then starts the Topcon License Server service
    • Shut Down Server - stops the Topcon License Server service (NOTE: Once the Topcon License Server is shut down, it can only be restarted through Windows' Services Manager

Navigating Windows Services

  • Open WIndows Services manager
    • By right-clicking on Computer and selecting Manage
    • By typing Services in the search bar in the main Windows menu
  • Once open, look for Topcon License Server in the list of services
  • To start/stop the Topcon License Server, select the blue-underlined Start or Stop