MAGNET: System Maintenance [VIDEO]

How to check Maintenance on your MAGNET product(s) and determine whether you are eligible for software updates. This is the best way to keep your MAGNET product current and have the latest versions installed. 

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MAGNET: System Maintenance [VIDEO]

Am I eligible to update my MAGNET software?

When a customer purchases MAGNET, they are eligible to receive updates courtesy of their MAGNET Maintenance Agreement, which they are automatically enrolled in for one year at the time of purchase.  However, at the end of one year, unless the customer agrees to extend their Maintenance Agreement, their ability to receive updates will lapse and they will be restricted from activating newer versions of the software.  To check if your maintenance agreement is up to date, you can check with your Topcon dealer or follow these steps to verify your Maintenance Agreement within the MAGNET software:

For MAGNET Field:

  1. Open MAGNET Field
  2. Click Home
  3. Click the MAGNET icon in the upper left corner
  4. Choose Activate Modules
  5. Expiration date for the Maintenance module will be displayed

For MAGNET Office:

  1. Open MAGNET Office
  2. Click Help >> Licenses
  3. Expiration date for Maintenance module will be displayed

What if my Maintenance is Expired?

Software Maintenance is an annual subscription which can be renewed via your local dealer or directly through you MAGNET Enterprise Account. Watch the short video above to see how to update an individual software serial number's maintenance agreement.