Sitelink: Generating Veta PLN Report

How to create Veta PLN reports for DOTs.

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Sitelink: Generating Veta PLN Report

Access Reports widget

  • From the main Menu select Reports under the Operations tab

Create New Report

  • Select the 'New Report' button to open the Report Template menu
  • Choose the PLN Report template from the menu
  • This option will generate the PLN and the PLNS report that can be opened in a Veta project

Creating a Veta file

  • Enter a description
  • Select the region the report should cover
  • Select the As-Built layer that contains the data
  • Select PLN or PLNS Report
  • Select the date range of the report
  • Click on 'Generate Report' at the top
  • Enter a name or description in the Description field
  • Using the 'Regions' button, select the predefined region(s) containing the collected data.


Creating a One Off Report

  • Select the As-built Layer and preferred grid size
  • CMV needs to be chosen for the stiffness type when using a Topcon C63 system
  • Choose the machine(s) used to collect the data
  • For a single report, enter the date and time range for the data to be included

Creating a Scheduled Report

  • Reports can be scheduled to run automatically
  • Select the desired time intervals and start date
  • A report will be generated at those intervals using the defined criteria chosen for the PLN file (machine, layer, etc.)

Generate Report

  • Once the template is defined, select the 'Generate Report' button
  • The report will be created and displayed in the Reports screen
  • The report is now available to be downloaded
  • A Zip folder will be created containing both a PLN and a PLNS file