Sitelink3D: Support Desk - Pairing to a Support Desk

This guide goes through the process of registering a client to Support...

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Sitelink3D: Support Desk - Pairing to a Support Desk

Support Desk Requirements

  • Support Desk can be a standalone service but is also included in a Sitelink3D or Sitelink3D Enterprise subscription.
  • All that is required is a subscription and Suppoprt Client to be installed on the control box. 
  • Support Clients can be downloaded from the Downloads section of

Pairing A Support Desk

  • Once Support Client is installed on the control box, click on the Topcon logo in the status bar.
  • Click on Support Desks.
  • Press the Add button.
  • Enter the Support Desk Number and Auto-pair PIN (if applicable).
  • The Support Desk number and Auto-pair PIN can be found on the Sitelink3d website under Fleet Management > Support Desk.
  • The Support Desk number is an eight digit number automatically assigend to an account when it is created.
  • The Auto-pair PIN is an optional feature that allows a client to be paired without approval from the account adminstrator.
  • Enter the Support Desk number on the control box.
  • Enter the Auto-pair PIN if available.
  • Press Next.
  • The Support Desk information will appear. Press Yes to confirm this is the Support Desk you wish to pair with.
  • Fill in the serivce tags that appear.
  • These are required information blocks that are customizable from
  • Press Next.
  • You must now set the policies for remote control, remote view and file transfer:
    • Yes: Allows the support desk to perform the function if the control box is online.
    • Ask: Allows the support desk to perform the function afer the control box is prompted and gives permission.
    • No: Restricts the support desk from performing the function.
  • Set all the polices and press Add Pairing.
  • On the website there will now be a pending pair request.
  • Press the blue check mark to accept it.
  • Had the Auto-pair PIN been used, it would automatically pair and this step would not be required.
  • Repeat this process for each unit you wish to pair to a Support Desk or for the multiple Support Desks you wish to pair a single unit to.