SmoothRide Control: System Setup

  • Configuring the RD-MC system for paving application.
  • Selecting active surfaces from the TP3 project file. 
  • Configuring the mode and buttons

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SmoothRide Control: System Setup

Getting Started

Sample screen:

Loading Project Files (TP3)

  • Without a Localized TP3 project, the control box will not display any surface information and a “No GPS Localization” message will appear.
  • To load a project file, access the main menu. 
  • On a GX60 select the Topcon icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • After inserting the USB, select the Projects option under the file tab
  • Under the “Project Files” menu select COPY to copy  the project from the USB into the Topcon control box.


  • Using the menu pull down in the “From” menu select: “D: to 3DMC folder”.
  • All available projects from the USB will be displayed.
  • Select your project and select OK


Selecting Available Surfaces

  • Project files will have Design surfaces and Scanned surfaces depending on how the engineer designed the project.
  • Selecting the SURFACES menu will display all the surfaces within the project.
  • On the Project Surfaces screen all available surfaces within the project will be listed.
  • The icons under the Surface Name indicate the type of surface (Tin/Alignment).
  • Select a Surface and then select Show to make that surface available to use on the project.
  • If “No” is selected under the Show column the operator will not be able to grade to that surface until it is changed to “Yes”.


Selecting Active Design Surface

  • Under the “Active” Tab the operator can select which surface will be the active surface (Tin/Alignment).

Selecting Active Ground Surface

  • Select the proper working surface.
  • Activate the Working and Ground Surfaces.
  • The ground surface is the existing Scanned surface.

Grade Indicators

  • It is important that the Grade Indicators are enabled for both the left and right sides.
  • From the Main Menu select View Tab
  • Select the Left and Right Windows and Switch to Grade indicator.
  • After the grade indicators are active, touch and hold on the indicator to open the indicator menu. 
  • Set the On-Grade band to the minimum value (.01’ or 0.002m).


Increment Decrement Buttons

  • Press and hold on the main portion of the screen. Select <Set Points> from the displayed menu.
  • Enable both Left and Right Set Point buttons.
  • Adjust the Increment field to the Minimum value (0.01’ or 0.001m).

Mode Selection

  • Select the Mode button from the Main Screen view.


Mode Screen

  • Select the Thickness mode on both the Left and Right sides.
  • This will allow for use with the 3D design.