Topcon FC-500: Operating System Update Process

How to update/install OS on FC-500 field controller.

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Topcon FC-500: Operating System Update Process

File Preparations:

  • After first backing up all data files and recognizing that all software will need to be re-installed after this operating system update, begin by plugging the FC-500 to a dedicated power source.
  • Save and extract the ZIP file containing latest operating system update
  • Using either a USB cable connection to a personal computer with Windows Mobile Device Centerfreeware or a USB thumb drive, transfer all files to the FC-500 field controller.
  • All files MUST be in the root directory of the FC-500 (see below)

OS Install:

  • With all files transferred to the Root Directory of the FC-500, you are ready to proceed.  To execute the operating system update, press and hold the Power button, then select the Reset option.
  • Upon restart, the device will find specific files that you have placed within the Root Directory and the update will proceed automatically.  It is normal for this process to take approximately three minutes to complete.
  • Once the update is complete, you will be prompted to declare your time zone and confirm calendar date and time.  It is important that your FC-500's date and time are correct or eventual software activations will fail.