3D-MC: Basic Training - Applications

A few basic application steps to ensure a good day of grading

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3D-MC: Basic Training - Applications

Benching In

When Benching in each morning (Motor Grader/Dozer/Excavator), confirm the base has been started correctly.

  • It is not recommended to check grade statically by placing the rover next to the edge of the blade, as many factors can affect the accuracy of the system while sitting statically.
  • We will review the methods for adjusting out any elevation or slope errors under the maintenance section.

Adjusting Cut/Fill Options

There are several ways to set elevation offsets. Some machines are equipped with external elevation control options.

In this lesson, we will cover usage of the onscreen elevation control options.

  • Engineers typically provide design files at finish asphalt grade.
  • For example, if the project was designed as asphalt being the finish grade, the final elevation would be 0.00’.
  • If the operator is cutting subgrade 3’ below the finish grade, the elevation offset would be -3.00’, working up to 0.00’.
  • Touching the up/down arrows located on the left side of the screen will increase or decrease the elevation offsets.
  • To turn on the Grade adjustment arrows, touch anywhere on the screen.
  • The “Set points” menu will appear. Selecting the “Set points” option will bring up the set points option.
  • In this example, the left grade adjustment arrows are selected.  The Increments option allows the operator to define how much of an elevation change is made each time the raise or lower grade adjustment arrow is touched.