MAGNET Collage: Preparing Data for Export to Autodesk

Preparing Data for Export to Autodesk

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MAGNET Collage: Preparing Data for Export to Autodesk

Data Overview

  • Typical GLS project with difficult access
  • Registered using cloud-to-cloud
  • Geo-referenced to IP-S3 data
  • Map view allows pan and zoom with the mouse

3D View

  • 3D View enables rotation, pan and zoom
  • Mouse controls can be mapped in the Application settings

Create a Model Project

  • Right-click Workspace
  • Select Create New Model Project for:
    • Combining clouds from different sources and combining scans to create a single unified cloud
    • Creating cloud selection for export
    • Importing third party clouds
  • Right-click on the Workspace name to create model project

Create a Model

  • Model projects need Models to place new creations or import third-party clouds
  • Right-click on your Model project to Create New Model

Select Point Cloud for further processing

  • Use the Cloud menu to access selection tools
  • Command prompts are at the bottom left of the app window
  • Selected points are highlighted
  • Selection is maintained until cleared
  • Selection Complete


Create the Cloud

  • Right-click Model and select Create Cloud to make use of selected data
  • Cloud creation will allow you to set the density and precision of the cloud

Export the Cloud

  • Right-click on the Model to access the Export dialogue
  • You can choose to edit the cloud with the cloud tools
  • Or Export as-is and use third-party software to control cloud visibility and usability

Export Settings

  • Set File location
  • Add exporter (format data)
  • Define Coordinate transformation if required
  • Export the cloud


  • Data modeled in Revit