MAGNET Field: Calculate an area

MAGNET Field allows you to easily calculate areas just by selecting surveyed linework. 

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MAGNET Field: Calculate an area


In the Home menu, click Calculate.

Click Area.


MAGNET Field allows calculating areas by:

  • Points
  • Hinge
  • Line

Click By Points.


Select points

Select the name of the PointList, Linework, or Area that contains vertices of the polygon. The name can be entered manually or selected from the list.

The points of the selected point list will be listed along with their codes in the table, and the polygon will be shown in the plot area. Use the arrow button to hide/show the plot as required.

The up and down arrow buttons can be used to modify the order of the points to obtain the correct shape of the polygon.


Click the Calc button to calculate the area of the polygon.


In the Results tab, observe the calculation outputs, and click the tab to save the following data to a *.TXT file if required.

  • The calculated Area in (JobUnits)^2, acres and hectares
  • Perimeter of the polygon
  • The tolerance interval calculated as Area (in meters) minus/plus Perimeter multiplied by 1.25
  • The list of points constituting the polygon vertices in the correct order

The Map tab shows the illustration for the results.