MAGNET Field: Collect support information

How to collect support information and create a Support Info ZIP file

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MAGNET Field: Collect support information

General information

If requested, you may be asked to provide support information for a MAGNET Field job file.

A Support Info ZIP file containing the *.MJF job file as well as background data is included in this file.

Configure port data logging

First, verify the job is configured properly to provide the needed background data.

To do this, click on the Configure button on the MAGNET Field home screen.

Click the Global button.

Check the Port Data Logging box.

Check the Enable Job History box.

Click the green check mark button in the upper right of the window to save and close the Global Settings window and return to the home screen.

Click the Options button in the upper left corner of the display to open the selection list.

Click About.

Click the Support Info button.

This dialog box lets you collect all information needed for support into an archive file:

  • In the Support info filename field, enter the name of the target archive file. By default, it will be the name of the current job.
  • In the comment area, you can add any comments which may help the support team resolve your issue. This information will be saved in the target archive file as a text file.
  • If required, check the Upload support info via internet box to transfer the archive file to the Enterprise server for the support team. This is available only when you are registered for Enterprise.
  • Click the check mark to save the archive file in the current job folder by default and optionally to send it to Enterprise.
  • Click OK.

The Support Info ZIP file was created succesfully.

Click Close at the bottom of the display.

Navigate to the location of the file.

Send to the party requesting the file.