MAGNET Field: Copy a local coordinate system to 3D-MC

This article explains how to use MAGNET Field to copy a local coordinate system to 3D-MC.

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MAGNET Field: Copy a local coordinate system to 3D-MC

3D-MC software has a pre-defined projection list by default when the software is installed and set up. In case your region is not included in the predefined projection list, you have to add your local coordinate system as user-defined.

But, there is no option in 3D-MC to configure and create a local coordinate system as user–defined. This article explains how to create any local coordinate system as an XML file, which will be uploaded to the software folder.

With MAGNET Field, you can create any local coordinate system as an XML file and copy this file to the 3D-MC folder.

Open MAGNET Field.

From the main menu, click Configure.

Click Coord Sys.

Click on the three dots (...) next to the Projection drop-down menu to enter your projection/coordinate system parameters.

Click on the three dots (...) next to the Datum drop-down menu to select your datum ellipsoid or to create a new datum.

Click Custom.

Click Add.

In the Custom Projection screen, enter the Name of your projection. Then select the Type from the drop-down menu.

Select your Datum ellipsoid.

Enter the name of your Region.

You can write any Note about your projection.

Click Next.

Enter the parameters of your custom projection.

Click the green check mark to save.

Now you have created your local coordinate system. You can select it and make it Active.

Your local coordinate system is saved as an XML file inside the MAGNET folder. Copy it to your USB drive.

Close MAGNET Field, and insert a USB drive in your field controller.

Go to File Explorer > Program files > MAGNET Field > Geo.  

Inside the Geo folder, you will find your local coordinate system (XML file) with name : userprojections.

Copy the userprojections file to the USB drive.

Insert your USB drive into a GX-55 or GX-75, and copy the local coordinate system (XML) file into the following paths:

C > program files > Topcon > Coord Sys.

C > program files \>Topcon > Coord Sys > projections.

Open 3D-MC.


From the main menu, go to File > Control.


Click on the Projection tab.

Scroll down to your local coordinate system from the list.

Click the + sign to expand and select your coordinate system.

Click Ok.


In the Coord. system tab, you can select your Datum Ellipsoid from the drop-down menu.

Click Ok.

Now your local coordinate system is the current system in your current project.