MAGNET Field: Online activation

This step-by-step guide shows you how to activate MAGNET Field via the online activation method. This will resolve the Security not enabled message.

Connectez-vous ou inscrivez-vous à myTopcon pour consulter cette page :

MAGNET Field: Online activation

Before you begin

Make sure your data collector is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

If you have an FC-5000/6000 and are not sure whether you are connected to the internet, go to to check your internet speed.

Open MAGNET Field

Using the search icon, look for MAGNET Field.

Tap and hold and select Run as administrator.

Security not enabled demo mode warning

The Demo Mode warning appears when the software has an expired subscription or no license at all.

Activating MAGNET Field will remove the Demo Mode message.

Click Close to exit the message.

Tap on the M icon.

Tap Activate Modules.

Select Online activation.

The online activation can only be done on MAGNET Field v4.x and above.

Users with software on v3.x and below will have to do the offline activation procedure, which you can find here.

Tap Next.

Log in with your existing myTopcon account.

These should be the same credentials you use to access the myTopcon support site:

If there is already an existing logged in account, click Next.

Input your 10-digit MAGNET Field serial number.

Have the customer accept the License Agreement.

Tap Activate. Wait a few moments for the software to activate.

Successful activation!

If the software successfully activates, you will see a screen showing the purchased modules and expiration date.

Click Done to finish the activation.