MAGNET Office: Extracting Contours from a PDF

Extracting and elevating contours from a PDF using MAGNET Office's trace function.

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MAGNET Office: Extracting Contours from a PDF


  • PDF/image has already been imported to MAGNET Office
  • PDF/image has already been calibrated and positioned via geo-reference file, scale, matching points, or position on the image

It is not recommended to use rasterized PDF content for design purposes. Extracted linework should only be used for estimating and rough volume calculations, NOT grading.

Extracting Contours

  • Select the Trace routine from the raster/vector section of the model tab in MAGNET Office
  • Select/check the Distance Filter for Vertices
  • Check the box for Apply Elevation
  • Input the Starting Elevation and Increment
  • Select either From Vector or Auto Trace
  • Select OK
  • Select all segments/entities which need to have the starting elevation applied
  • Press Enter to save
  • Press or + key to change elevation by the increment set in the previous step
  • Repeat these steps for each additional group in the PDF/image
  • Press ESC to exit routine