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Manage key operating costs and increase production with feed management software.

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Managing feed can be messy. From loading and tracking to logging and optimisation, dairy and beef farmers need a streamlined approach.

TAP FEED fuses management software with load mixer integration. It’s designed in collaboration with industry partners to provide easy-to-use features to improve efficiency, reduce waste and improve production.

Start with the App Tied Directly
to the Mixer


Easy to use with relevant features for feed management, the App is free with the latest lineup of Bluetooth Topcon/Digi-Star displays and weigh convertors – enabling an organic transition into feed management software.

Digital Feed Management for
Any Operation


Valuable for any livestock operation, Lite easily manages ingredients, recipes, feeding groups, feed lists, load mixers, feeding periods, operators, and more. Efficiently create and export comprehensive reports that include ingredients usage, loads, DM intake per head, ration delivery, group delivery, and operator accuracy.

Advanced Capability Tailored for
Dairy Operations


Specially designed for dairy operations, Pro builds upon TAP FEED Lite features to offer advanced ingredient, recipe/pre-mix, pen, operator, and dry matter efficiency (DME) management, with automated refusals, zone control, expanded reports, and enhanced sharing tools.

What’s right for my operation?


Any Livestock Operation

Workflow integrated into feed mixer (Requires Topcon/Digi-Star product line display or convertor)

Connected to TAP FEED Lite/Pro

Basic reports

Loads and recipes

Feeding groups


Any Livestock Operation

Workflow integrated into feed mixer (Requires Topcon/Digi-Star product line display or convertor)

Connected to TAP FEED app

Core feed management capability

Exportable reports


Tailored for Dairy Operations

All TAP FEED Lite features

plus Advanced Dairy features

Dry matter efficiency reporting

Supports different recipe types

Zone control

Extended report formats

Plus relevant add-ons to enhance your experience.

Third Party

Connect any TAP FEED subscription to third party feed management software and technology (e.g. herd management, milking robotics, concentrate boxes, feed suppliers, and more).

Advanced Inventory Manager

Tools to manage and track feed inventory, including input ordering features, ingredient and inventory management, re-ordering system, batch box and auger control, silo weighing system, weighbridge (third party connection), inventory alerts, and inventory reports.

Payback in managing and optimising key costs.

Reduce Inputs

Designed to reduce farming’s most significant inputs – fuel, production inputs, and time. Feed represents more than 50% of operating costs, so it’s essential to manage.

Increase Production

Tools to capture, visualise, and increase production. Cattle crave consistency, and software provides next-level optimisation to help meet that need.

Explore the power of the platform…

Digital Booklets

TAP FEED Digital Booklet




Feed Management Software (TAP Feed) is perfect for:


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