3D-MC: Basic Training - Data Management

How to navigate the "File" menu to properly manage the available data in any given project file. 

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3D-MC: Basic Training - Data Management

Loading Project Files (*.TP3)

  • Without a Localized TP3 project, the control box will not display any surface information and a “No GPS Localization” message will appear.
  • After inserting the USB Select the Projects option under the file tab.​

Selecting Available Surfaces

  • Under the “Project Files” menu select copy to copy the project from the USB into the Topcon control box.
  • Using the menu pull down in the “From” menu select:
    • GX-60 (A: to 3D-MC folder)
    • GX-55 (USBHardDisk to 3D-MC folder)
    • GX-30 (USBHardDisk to 3D-MC folder)
  • All available projects from the USB will be displayed.
  • Select the project and click OK.

Selecting Available Surface

  • Project files may contain a single surface or many surfaces depending on how the engineer designed the project.
  • Selecting the “Surfaces” menu will display all the surfaces within the project.
  • On the Project Surfaces screen, all available surfaces within the project will be displayed.
  • The icons under the Surface Name indicate the type of surface (TIN/Alignment).
  • Select a Surface and select Show to make that surface available to use on the project.
  • If No is selected under the Show column, the operator will not be able to grade to that surface until it is changed to Yes.

Selecting Active Surface

  • Under the “Active” Tab, the operator can select which surface will be the active surface (TIN/Alignment).
  • Under each of the options, the operator can select which surface they would like to actively grade. In this example the “Hands On TIN” is selected.

Turning on Layers

  • Points and Line work are contained within “Layers”.
  • Select the Layers option to view the available layers within the project.
  • To have the line work or Points displayed on the screen, select the layer and select show.