3D-MC: Basic Training - File Menu (Projects)

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3D-MC: Basic Training - File Menu (Projects)


  • The following information will cover the available options under the Projects tab when using your Topcon 3D system.  This information was created for software version 3D-MC and 3DMC Max.  
  • The Project is typically supplied by the engineer and contains all the site information required for the 3D system to function properly. 


  • Within the Projects option the operator can store multiple site projects allowing for easy access when moving from on project to another.
  • After touching the Projects tab the job files window will display all the current projects loaded into the control box.
  • The operator will touch to high light the project to be the active project and select OK.


Creating a New Project

  • The New option would allow for an operator to create a new blank project,  This project would not have any Control Data or Surface information.
  • This might be an option if an operator arrives on a job where no Project data was available yet.
  • Using the system the operator could do a single point Localization and create a simple surface to begin stripping or leveling parking areas.


  • After selecting the New button the operator will be prompted to name the new project.
  • The Preload data from current active project: allows the operator to copy specific data for the current active project into the new project.


Copy Project

  • The Copy option is used to either copy an entire Project in or out of the Control Box.


  • The “From” pull down allows the operator to define where the project is being copied from.
    • 3DMC folder is the internal location with in the 3D-MC software where all the files are stored.
    • “D” is the external USB port on the Topcon control box.
    • “SiteLink3D inbox” is where projects are stored after being sent to the machine via SiteLink.  This option is only available if SiteLink has been installed on the machine.
  • In this example the Project is being copied form the internal 3DMC folder to an external USB.


Export Project

  • The “Export” option allows the user to select any of the individual files within the Project.


  • As you can see in the image on the right each file can be identified by its Ext.


  • The “All” option selects all the files to be exported as individual files.


  • The Select option allows the user to select individual files to be exported.  Highlight the desired file and touch the select soft key.
  • All selected files will display Yes under the Export column.  


  • The Rename option allows the operator to Rename the file as it is Exported.  The Rename feature will not rename the file in the 3DMC folder.