3D-MC: Creating linework from points

Creating lines from points in 3D-MC

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3D-MC: Creating linework from points

This feature was added to 3D-MC in v12.2.340 released with the X-53x excavator system

Linework can be created by selected points on the screen. This linework can then be used for steering offsets with all types of Topcon machine control.

To start, the five green points on the screen were collected using the Auto Topo feature. These can also be points collected by a rover using Pocket 3D or MAGNET Field.

To select points, hold down on the point you wish to select. This should bring up a drop-down menu.

Select Points, and another drop-down menu should appear.

In this second menu, selecting Select will select the point. The menu should disappear now.

You can continue to keep selecting points by repeating this process.

For this example, all five points will be selected.

With all points selected, hold down anywhere on the screen to bring up the drop-down menu.

Select Points > Selection > Create polyline... to create the linework.

To unselect a point, select the point again and go to Points and uncheck Select.

You can also clear all selected linework by going to Points > Selection > Clear selection.

A points list should appear showing the points that were selected.

The Layer drop-down box will create the linework on the desired layer.

You should now see the linework on the screen.

The linework routine will only create straight linework, even if the points are on a radius. To create arcs, you must use Pocket 3D or MAGNET Field.