3D milling: Single mmGPS cutting head control settings

This quick guide is to show which settings to use in 3D-MC in the Cutting Head Control screen while 3D milling with a single mmGPS antenna.

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3D milling: Single mmGPS cutting head control settings


There are certain settings to use in 3D-MC while 3D milling.

To access the Cutting Head Control screen, navigate to Control > Cutting Head Control.

Cutting Head Control

When 3D milling using a single mmGPS antenna, the recommended setting is Control using single pt on cutting head.

This is recommended to avoid averaging the whole cutting head and cross slope which can lead to cutting errors

Single point on cutting head uses a defined cross slope based on a known surface elevation that the operator can reference. The operator can change the reference point whenever desired, for example, to avoid mishaps crossing over hinge points. 

Ensure that Elevation 0 when Velocity 0 is checked during active milling jobs.

This option was added to 3D-MC as a safety feature to avoid driving the machine valves while sitting stationary.

This feature, when checked, requires machine movement of at least 1 foot per minute in order to make a correction.