Delta Watch: Using SMS77 service

Processing live data with Delta Watch and get SMS alarms when they happen?

Use the SMS capabilities to update all involved. This article shows you how to set up the SMS77 service supported by Delta Watch.

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Delta Watch: Using SMS77 service


Delta Watch has the capability of sending SMS messages to alert the user of alarms. For this Delta Watch can make use of an external web-based SMS service as it is not capable of sending the SMS messages directly from the software. The user need to sign up to the SMS service and is responsible for the correct configuration and for ensuring enough credit is in the account to be able to send the messages.

Word of caution:

Delta Watch does not guarantee that the SMS will arrive as this is the responsibility of the service used.


This article explains how to configure Delta Watch for the preferred SMS service called SMS77 using the minimum required configuration of the service. This service has many options but they fall outside the scope of this document.


For correct opration you need to have at least Delta Watch v2.15.117 installed, if you have a lower version than the latest DW can be obtained from myTopcon.

General workflow

This is the general workflow, in the rest of the how-to each step is explained in detail.

  1. Configure DW email server and test [jump to]
  2. Create SMS77 account, enter your details and make configurations [jump to]
  3. Enable and configure SMS service in DW [jump to]
  4. For each project Enter contact details for all recipients [jump to]
  5. Setup alarming in Point and Limit management [jump to]
    1. Configure Limits
    2. Assign limits to point group(s)
  6. Optional: Validate phone numbers to use by sending test SMS [jump to]

Detailed workflow

Step 1 - Configure the email server in Delta Watch

The first requirement is to setup the email server in Delta Watch this is required as DW send an email to the SMS service

  1. Email server configuration is done in DW under ADMINISTRATION > SYSTEM CONFIGURATION > MAIL SERVER. (See #1 in below image)
  2. Ensure you use the test function, item 3 in Figure 1, to ensure the email server configuration is correct


The ‘Sender’ email as specified in DW under the email server configuration (See #2 in Figure 1) should also be used when configuring the SMS77 service as this is part of the validation process.

Step 2 - Create an account with the SMS provider

  1. Delta Watch support SMS77 and you can sign up via the web at
  2. In your SMS77 account settings, see #1 + #2 in below image, make sure you enter the senders email address under EMAIL2SMS. (item #3 in below image)
  3. Make a note of your key as you need to enter this also in DW, see item 4 in image. The key can be freely chosen and should be complex as this protects the access from misuse by third parties. The example ‘testkey’ is not sufficient.
  4. Optionally an alternative email could be specified in case of errors, we advise to so do. If the option ‘Notify on Error’ is activated error messages will be send to this address.

Step 3 - Enable SMS service in Delta Watch

  2. Enter your details here.  For the ‘SMS Type’ we suggest to use ‘Direct’
  3. Apply your settings

Step 4 - Enter contact details for each recipient

  2. For each project add your contact(s) making sure the phone number contains the full country code
  3. Apply your changes

Step 5 - Setup alarming

  2. Define limits or edit existing ones, making sure that for each limit and each level you select who should receive the alarm and via which method(s): email, SMS or both
  3. Apply your changes
  4. If you created new limits they need to be assigned to point groups. Navigate to the POINT GROUPS tab and assign your limit(s) to point groups and then Apply your settings. To assign a limit simply select the point group of interest and right click to set a limit.

Step 6 - Optional: Validate phone numbers to use by sending SMS

  1. Number validation, check any mobile number using the number validation module of SMS77 on their website.  Under MESSAGING select NUMBER VALIDATION and enter the mobile number with full country code. See image.

  1. Send test SMS from SMS77 web portal. Simply navigate to the NEW SMS section on the SMS77 web portal; enter the recipient phone number and type a short test message. You can send to multiple numbers at once.

The simple answer is: Yes, there are!

There are many different alternative services, each with their own requirements and capabilities. The SMS77 service allows Delta Watch to use their Web-API and has proven very reliable on a global scale. This is the main reason why this service is integrated in Delta Watch. Your monitoring might be critical, and thus you need a reliable service.

But there are others: A simple search for SMS Gateway on the internet will give you an enormous long list. Many of these other services allow you to register, pay a fee or buy credits, and then you can send emails to their server (SMS gateway), which are then forwarded to the right mobile number. To find one that works in your region that also supports the providers from all the mobile SIM you need to use is another task. Sometimes the pay-as-you-go options are not supported or get their messages later. A SIM card from a big supermarket chain might not be supported, even if they log on to a network that is supported. These are all things to consider.


How about using the SMS gateway of the mobile provider?

In the early days of mobile SIMs, this option was provided by almost all network providers. However, in recent years many providers have closed the door on this. But if your provider still offers this option, then why not utilize it? It is free. First you need to find out IF the mobile provider of the SIM you want to send messages to offers this service. If they do, then you might need to enable the functionality on the SIM account. Then you can test it out. Often the email will be sent to an email address that looks something like: But your provider can tell you exactly what the format should be. Unfortunately, in Delta Watch you will have no control over the text in the subject line of an alarm message, so if there is any requirement to use the subject line, then you are out of luck.

Below is a link to a freely available list, which is a good starting point for finding out if you can utilize this Email2SMS functionality. A link to a second page contains a list with many of the commercial Email2SMS services listed. None of the links provided below are maintained or endorsed by Topcon, nor do we have any affiliation with them.

Free text messaging online

A list of service providers