How to Find Your Product Serial Number

Total Stations

Total Stations from Topcon are very consistent in their serial number placement. The serial number can be found on the left upright on the eyepiece side of the instrument. 

GNSS Receivers

HiPer SR or HiPer V: Printed on the bottom of the receiver


HiPer HR or GR-3 / GR-5: Located under a hot-swappable battery

HiPer II: Silver Sticker on the side of the unit

Field Controllers

FC-500 / FC-5000: Printed on back of device

S-10 / FC-2500 / FC-2600 / Tesla: Found under battery 

FC-25 / FC-236 / FC-336: Printed on side of device

Machine Control Components

Clearly printed on the outside of the component (side or rear) on a silver sticker containing part number and serial number.