IP-S3: Basic Training - Product Overview

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IP-S3: Basic Training - Product Overview

IP-S3 Cube/Sensor Mount

  • Platform for the IP-S3 HD1 sensors that are mounted onto the vehicle.
  • Reference mark showing axis direction for lever arm / offset measurements.
  • With the system mounted at the rear of a vehicle, the axis directions are:
    • X – Forward
    • Y – Right
    • Z – Down

Timing Box

The device that contains the GNSS receiver and processor for accurately timestamping all connected sensors.

  • With input power supplied to the timing box, this routes power to all connected sensors.
  • Handles the communication from all the sensors to the logging PC
  • The color sheet on the timing box shows the color of each cable tag

Indicator Box

An interface for checking the system status and resetting the timing box and GNSS receiver if needed.

  • Resetting the timing box:
    • Press and hold down the System Reset key until the Switch LED blinks slowly, then release.
  • Clearing NVRAM:
    • Press and hold down the NVRAM Clear key until the Switch LED blinks slowly, then release

Wheel Encoder/DMI

The distance measurement unit provides information to the IP-S3 system for velocity and distance the vehicle has traveled during collection. 

  • The wheel encoder plate is installed onto the vehicle platform’s rear wheel (left or right) by using the lug nut standoffs.
  • The stabilizer rod helps maintain the encoder is in the upright position during collection to let the encoder turn freely on the wheel

System Overview

  • IP-S3 mounted on front or back of vehicle
  • Wheel encoder attached
  • Timing box (typically in back seat or other out-of-the-way location of vehicle)
  • Computer and Indicator box in accessible location, viewable while mapping