MAGNET Field: Basic Training - Setup

Setup Robotic and GNSS occupy locations in MAGNET Field. Set the RTK base position, define a robotic occupy point and backsight orientation. 

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MAGNET Field: Basic Training - Setup

Setup GNSS Equipment

Start Base Station

  • Set the base up over a known point using a tripod and set level
  • Select Setup|Start Base


Define Base Location

  • Select or enter the point for base location
    • Select map icon to pick point from map
    • Select page icon to pick point from a list
  • Enter the antenna height 
  • Select Start Base               


Switch GNSS Connection to Rover Receiver

  • Select Yes to switch GNSS Bluetooth connection to rover recevier

Establish Rover Connection

  • Select Connect to initiate Bluetooth search
  • Choose the rover receiver’s serial number 
  • Choose Select to connect to intiate Bluetooth pairing 
  • Select Connect on next screen when prompted for PIN                 


Setup Robotic Equipment

Backsight Setup

  • Select Home button to return to main menu
  • Select the Hybrid Switch icon in the top bar to switch from GNSS to Optical
  • Select Setup >> Backsight

Occupation Location

Backsight: Requires two known points (or one known point and a known direction)

  • Input backsight data
    • Point number/name
    • Instrument height
    • Backsight point (or direction)
    • Prism height
  • Select Next


Set/Check Backsight Orientation

  • Aim instrument to center of prism
  • Press Set


Backsight Check Results

  • Results screen will show errors
  • Select home button to return to main menu