MAGNET Office: Making a 3D Model from a CAD File

There are several ways to convert 2D CAD files to 3D for the purpose of creating the necessary data and files for field stakeout using Topcon's MAGNET Field or Pocket 3D software. MAGNET Office provides several routines within the software for elevating 2D entities. There are several sub-articles attached to this Article explaining each option in detail. 

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MAGNET Office: Making a 3D Model from a CAD File


2D linework has been generated by extraction from PDF/Image, 2D CAD (*.dwg / *.dxf / *.dgn), or some other means, it is now time to create 3D content for the purpose of generating the necessary information for 3DMC files for stakeout or machine automation. 
There are multiple methods for elevating 2D data, dependent on format of data provided and/or user preference. Click the images below to learn the various options available. 

Set Elevation by Increment:

  • Assign elevations for a series of lines that have a consistent incremental elevation difference from one to the next
  • Typically used for groups of contours
  •  Increment can be positive or negative

Set String Point Elevation:

  • Assign elevations to an individual line with identical point elevations
  • Typically used for building pads or other random lines of constant elevation
  • Sets all string points to the same elevation
  • Can select whether to "Use in Surface" (typically Yes)

Set Elevation from Leader Text:

  • Assign elevation to a line based on Leader Text
  • Can be above or below the leader
  • Typically only assigns elevations to 'standard' leaders (based on the sample selected)
  • Additional point elevations will have to be addressed using next method

Edit String:

  •  Assign/edit elevation to specific string point(s)
  • Additional points can be inserted on a string
  • Typically used to fill in points that were missed by an automated routine 
  • Useful for fixing blunders in source data or mistakes created by user

Set Elevation by Intersection:

  • Assign elevations by intersection with other 3D entities
  • Typically used for slope lines that cross contours, but don't have elevations listed at their endpoints (often drawn between break lines such as Top and Bottom of Bank)
  • Also for the actual Top or Bottom of Bank that intersect the slope lines mentioned above