MAGNET Office: Network License Manager - Setup and Activation

This article covers configuring, adding licenses to, and activating MAGNET Office with the MAGNET Office Network License Manager.

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MAGNET Office: Network License Manager - Setup and Activation


  • Download the installer and manual from myTopcon on the Firmware & Software Updates page for MAGNET Office
  • Follow the installation instructions on pages 4-7 of the manual


  • In field under IP address to bind to enter
  • Select Save
  • Select Save settings in the confirmation window


Add license

  • Select Add License +
  • Select Online activation
  • Select Next
  • Enter MAGNET Enterprise login and password
  • Select Next


  • Enter 10 digit MAGNET Office Serial Number
  • Select Device ID for network card
  • Select Next
  • Select Accept License
  • Select Finish
  • Select Add new one to add another license to server
  • Select View licenses to finish adding licenses to server

Open firewall port

  • Open computer Control Panel
  • Select System and Security
  • Select Windows Firewall
  • Select Advanced settings
  • Select Inbound Rules
  • Select New Rule…
  • For Rule Type select Port and select Next >
  • For Protocol and Ports select TCP and Specific local ports:
  • Enter 54873 for the port and select Next >
  • For Action select Allow the connection and select Next >
  • For Profile check all boxes and select Next >
  • Enter a name for the rule and select Finish

Host IP address or name

Host IP address
Select the Windows button

  • Type cmd and press enter
  • Type ipconfig and press enter
  • Host address is after IPv4 Address…

Host computer name

  • Select the Windows button
  • Right-click on Computer
  • Select Properties
  • Host name is after Computer name:

Verify network connection

  • Open web browser on workstation
  • Navigate to either <host.ip.address>:54873 or <hostname>:54873

Note: If MAGNET Local Network License Server does not open, then something on the network or server is preventing workstation from connecting to the Network License Manager. Please contact your network IT professional.

Workstation activation

  • Open MAGNET Office to the activation window
  • Select Network and select Next >
  • Enter the host name or IP address
  • Verify the port is set to 54873 and select Next >
  • Select the correct product from the menu
  • The menu will only populate with licenses that are activated in the License Manager
  • If menu is blank and no error message appears then no licenses are available in the License Manager
  • Select Next >
  • Check I accept and select Next >
  • Select Finish