MAGNET Subscription Manager: Renewing subscriptions

MAGNET Subscription Manager is a management tool for renewing MAGNET product subscriptions. This article explains how to easily renew your MAGNET products and manage your payment method(s).

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MAGNET Subscription Manager: Renewing subscriptions

MAGNET Subscription Manager lets users renew MAGNET product subscriptions as soon as they expire, using a credit card. You can add a new credit card or use the payment method you had already established at MAGNET Systems. This new feature makes subscription renewal quicker and easier than it was before.

Logging in

Log in to MAGNET Subscription Manager with your Topcon credentials.

After logging in, you will see a dashboard to manage your subscriptions, service points, MAGNET Office licenses, or service plans, depending whether you have regular user or team administrator permissions.

Note that team administrators can renew subscriptions or service plans for their team members.

Subscription cards and auto renew

Click View Subscriptions to open a list of purchased subscriptions. On the subscription cards, details can be viewed by clicking DETAILS under a user's name.

The filter function on the left can be used as search criteria if there are several subscriptions. The renewal process can be automated by selecting AUTO RENEW ON.

You should only manually renew subscriptions when auto renew is set to OFF.

There are a few subscriptions that have this toggle disabled. In these cases, please contact your dealer, or contact support.

Subscription renewal

To renew expired subscriptions:

  1. Click on the plus sign () in the upper-right corner of the subscription information card to add it into the SELECTED list above it.
  2. Select items from the list that need to be renewed.
  3. Click RENEW ITEMS to renew all selected subscriptions.

The RENEW SOFTWARE LICENSE dialog box appears for you to confirm your renewal information.

  1. Click OK to confirm the renewal. 

A message appears: "The changes have been applied."

  1. Click OK again to finish the renewal process.

Adding a payment method

If you haven't set up a default payment method, you will get a yellow notification banner. Click here in the banner to register a credit card.

  1. Add the credit card information.
  2. Click Add card.

A confirmation will appear: "Your credit card data has been saved successfully."

After the card update is done, go back to Subscription Manager's home page, and hit F5 a few times to refresh. It takes a moment for Subscription Manager to fully load the new credit card information into the system.