Pocket 3D: Configuring and connecting a GT and RC-5

How to configure and connect a GT and RC-5 in Pocket 3D

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Pocket 3D: Configuring and connecting a GT and RC-5

Navigate to Setup > Equipment > New.

Input a Configuration name.

Select Range pole from the Machine type drop-down list.

Select Prism from the Sensor drop-down list.

Select Top of pole from the Mounting location drop-down list.

Select the Units that you are working in.

Click Next.

Dimensions tab

Select GT from the Instrument drop-down list.

Input the Vert. prism height .

Input the Prism constant.

Select the Prism type.

Select Bluetooth (Windows BT) as the Connection.

Click Next.

Advanced options

Select RC5/Direct to TS (STD mode) from the Connect via drop-down list.

  • Note: If using LPS, you need to select RC5/Direct (Ext. Link).

Check the Use RC box.

Select 9600 from the Baud Rate drop-down list.

Select 8 from the Data Bits drop-down list.

Select 1 from the Stop Bits drop-down list.

Select None from the Parity drop-down list.

Click Next.

You will see a message that machine configuration is complete.

Click Finish.

Verify the selected machine, and click Ok.

Navigate to Setup > Station Setup.

Choose from the Setup method drop-down list.

Enter the Instrument height.

Select from the Units drop-down list.

Click Next.

In the Bluetooth Devices window, select RC-5A.

Click Ok.

Pocket 3D will connect to the RC-5A and then to the total station through the RC-5.