Pocket 3D: Offsetting points

Easily offset points in Pocket 3D, using either the Calc wizard or the contextual menu.

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Pocket 3D: Offsetting points

Select two points

Two points must be selected in order to define the direction of the offset point(s).

Using Calc Wizard

In the Data menu, select Calc wizard, then select Distance/offset.

Contextual menu

Alternatively, the offset function can be accessed by touching and holding the screen with your stylus or finger, similar to the right-click of a mouse. When the menu pops up, select Calcs, then select Offset point.

Defining the offset

  • Points will be displayed (P1 and P2) in the order they were selected. The order can be switched by tapping the blue and red arrow icon.
  • The Distance from P1 or Distance beyond P2 options refers to offsetting the point along the line with no horizontal offset. 
  • If offsetting from P1, a positive value will move the point toward P2, while a negative value will offset the point away from P2.
  • Horizontal offset follows "right hand rule" using the direction of the imaginary line between P1 and P2. A positive value will offset the point to the right, while a negative value will offset to the left.

Click Next.


In the preview screen, you are able to verify that the point is being placed where you need it to be. If changes need to be made, click the Back button to return to the definition screen.


Clicking the Result button in the preview screen will bring up a window showing the coordinates and elevation of the new offset point.

Note: If there is an elevation difference between the two selected points, and the offset point is along the imaginary line between P1 and P2, the elevation will be interpolated from the selected point elevations.


  • A new point number for the offset point will be generated automatically with the next available number, but it can also be changed in this screen.
  • Select a point description, if desired.
  • Select or create the layer where the point will be stored.

Click Finish.

View results

Ensure the new offset point has been placed in the desired location.