Pocket 3D: Stakeout - Surface Check

How to check grade to a surface using Pocket3D

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Pocket 3D: Stakeout - Surface Check

Checking Grade

  • A common use of Pocket3D is to check grade behind Topcon machine control.
  • Surfaces can be raised and lowered to account for subgrade thickness or topsoil respread.
  • To check grade, first make sure the active surface is set to the surface being graded/checked.
  • Next, go to Survey > Stake-out > Surface check
  • You should now see numbers on the left side.
    • V.Offset: The vertical offset above/below the design surface
    • Cut/Fill: The height above/below the surface with vertical offset figured in.
    • Elev: Real-time elevation ofthe survey rover
  • These numbers will change as you move the rover around the jobsite.
  • You can also take a quick shot by hitting the Enter button on the data collector.  This is handy for checking machine calibration.


  • To stop the stake-out, go to Survey > Stake-out > Stop Stake-out

NOTE: It's highly recommended to end stake-out processes before starting another task with the data collector.  Having multiple functions open such as stake-out and topo collections can decrease performance of the data collector.

Setting Vertical Offset

  • To set the vertical offset, go to Survey > Stake-out > V.Surf. Offset while staking out a surface.
  • Enter in the amount to raise/lower the surface.  Positive numbers will raise the surface, negative will lower the surface.