Power Station (PS): LongLink™ LPS Configuration Settings

How to configure LongLink Bluetooth on PS total station for LPS connection and machine control 

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Power Station (PS): LongLink™ LPS Configuration Settings

Requirements for LongLink™ LPS

  • LongLink™ capability, achieved in one of two ways:
    • 1014464-03, SL-R4 LongLink™ Module Upgrade.
    • 1006146-10, MC-i4 Global SL-R4+LongLink™.
  • PS/AS Total Station and prism.

PS/AS Configuration

  • Press (PRG) on the keypad.
  • Navigate to the Info Screen.
  • Press Config to bring up the configurations menu.
  • Press 4.EDM and configure as follows:
    • Dist. Mode: Tracking
    • Reflector: Prism.
    • Prism Const: 2mm
  • Press OK
  • Press 5.Comms.
  • From the Comms Setup tab, configure as follows:
    • Comms Module: Bluetooth.
    • Checksum: Yes.
    • Controller: 2 Way+Remote.
    • Rec Type: B.
    • Terminate: EXT+CR.
    • TRK State: On.
    • ACK Mode: Off
  • Press the Bluetooth tab and configure as follows:
    • Mode: Slave.
    • Authentication: Yes or No. (Yes if passkey entered. Must match 3D-MC)
    • Passkey: Must match 3D-MC.
  • Press the Info tab and copy the BD ADDR. This number is the MAC address that 3D-MC will need to establish a connection.
  • Press OK.
  • Press 9.Motor.
  • From the Configuration tab, configure as follows:
    • Auto Aim: Rapid.
    • MEAS Acc: Standard.
    • Track Setting: Track.
    • Search method: G.S.
  • Press OK.

Start LPS Control

  • Navigate to LPS Setup on the PS/AS.
  • Press Setup Units to select unit system.
  • Press Setup File.
    • New will create a new job.
    • Points lets you manually enter the control points.
    • Save As will save the current project.
    • Copy will let you import a *.GC3 from Pocket 3D or 3D-MC.
  • Press Station Setup Wizard.
  • Choose Setup Method:
    • Known Station and Backsight Point.
    • Known Station and Azimuth.
    • New Station by Resection.
  • Start LPS Control.
  • Put PS/AS in External Link mode.

3D-MC Configuration

  • Set sensor type to Prism.
  • Set Position Input to MC-R3 (LongLink™)
    • If using MC-i4 for LPS excavator, select MC-i4 (LongLink).
  • Enter MAC Address.
  • If no passkey is required, it defaults to 0000.