SmoothRide Design: Basic Training - Import Data and Creating DTM

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SmoothRide Design: Basic Training - Import Data and Creating DTM

New MAGNET Office Job

  • Open MAGNET Office
  • Select button for Create a New Project
  • Select Next
  • Select desired units and station format
  • Select Finish
  • Select button for Create a Blank Project

MAGNET Office code library

  • Open Library ribbon
  • Select Global Library
  • Select New
  • Enter survey code to match polyline name without the ending numbers
  • Set type to Line and enter a description
  • Enter DESIGN_STRING for the layer
  • Check box for number annotation
  • Check boxes for Use in Surface, Auto String, and Breakline
  • Select point and line colors
  • Repeat for additional polyline names
  • Select OK to close

MAGNET Office Code Settings

  • Open Library ribbon
  • Select Code Settings
  • Enter 2 for number of digits
  • Uncheck Prefix String Number
  • Uncheck Contour Flag
  • Select OK

Import RD-M1 Files

  • Open File ribbon
  • In Import/Export Group, select Import button
  • Select “ASCII Points file” for Files of type
  • Browse to RD-M1 files
  • Select Open
  • Enter Point Order – N E Z C
  • Select units
  • Select OK
  • Select Library Description for Point Code
  • Select OK
  • Repeat for all additional files

Point Properties

  • Open Edit ribbon
  • Select “Select All”
  • Right-click in the Survey view
  • Select “Properties”
  • Check both boxes after Use in Surface
  • Select OK

Create existing DTM

  • Open Surface ribbon
  • In Create/Edit DTM group
  • Select Create DTM button
  • Select OK
  • Name DTM
  • Select OK

Remove Triangles

  • Open Surface ribbon
  • Expand menu under Delete Triangles
  • Select By Length or Angle
  • Select radio button for By Length
  • Enter Maximum side length value
  • Select OK