Floor Flatness and Levelness

Flat and level, every time

Scanning solutions to verify floor flatness and levelness

About the floor flatness and levelness workflow

This integrated QA workflow generates industry-compliant, floor-deviation reports in-house, providing fast, actionable insights that prevent costly delays. The GLS and GTL scanners accelerate data collection and processing for floor-flatness analysis. Combine them with Rithm for Naviswork to perform FF/FL QA in minutes, empowering your team to produce ASTM E1155 compliant reports and control the project schedule.

Reduce rework

Increase profitability

Minimize schedule delays

How does it work?

1. Scan wet or dry concrete

2. Process data

3. Run Rithm analysis

4. Generate FF/FL report

Workflow benefits

Construction worker operating a riding trowel

Identify flooring issues while concrete is still workable

The GLS-2200 features a high-power mode optimized for capturing reflective surfaces such as wet concrete. Combine the GLS-2200 with Rithm to identify flooring issues in real time, fix them right away and reduce costly rework.

Job supervisors reviewing floor flatness and levelness

Perform FF/FL analyses on survey control

The GLS and GTL and Rithm produce on-control results for every concrete slab analysis. Adding survey control when capturing 3D data eliminates tedious localization setups and significantly increasing QA productivity.

ASTM E1155-compliant report

Generate ASTM E1155 compliant reports in less time, at lower cost

Manual floor-flatness-analysis techniques like the Dipstick® require you to wait a day or more to get a single report, and costs thousands. The GLS or GTL instruments with Rithm deliver accurate, industry-compliant FF/FL reports within minutes, and far more cost-effectively.

GTL-1200 and GLS-2000 in front of a monitor displaying Navisworks and Rithm software

Own your QA workflows

This end-to-end solution simplifies QA workflows, so teams can perform the work entirely in-house. Reduce the need for third-party contractors; minimize scheduling problems, and deliver quality work on deadline.

Case studies

GTL Series | TAS Concrete Testimonial

Floor flatness and levelness | M4 Concrete and Paving



GLS Scanner

The GLS is ideal for scanning horizontal surfaces like concrete slabs. Use the Floor Flatness mode to capture at 4X the range of other solutions, get more complete coverage, and reduce scan times without compromising data quality.

GTL-1200 Scanning Robotic Total Station

GTL Scanning Robotic Total Station

With one instrument, users can both lay out points and perform construction-quality tasks. The GTL is a versatile solution for layout, construction verification, and FF/FL analysis.


Robotic total station and scanner in one


Survey style laser scanner

MAGNET Collage
MAGNET Collage

Process, combine, and analyze 3D point clouds from diverse sensors
ClearEdge3D Rithm
ClearEdge3D Rithm

Analyze floor flatness, levelness, heat maps and contours

Collage Site
Collage Site

Field scanning control and processing software
Rugged Tablets
Rugged Tablets

Rugged tablets control total stations, GNSS receivers, scanners and data.
MAGNET Field Layout
MAGNET Field Layout

Guided layout field software

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