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Remotely track every move

Stay on track for the long- or short-haul

Mass hauling often means mammoth-sized challenges. Solutions from Topcon are designed to keep even the largest projects on schedule by increasing on-site efficiency and communication.

Mass hauling can be one of the most expensive and complicated aspects of earthmoving projects. Hauling solutions from Topcon are designed to plan earthworks projects and track on-site and off-site movement of materials.

Innovative products, strong integration capability

Topcon mass haul combines software, hardware products and services
to form complete solutions that fit with the rest of your workflow.

MAGNET Project
MAGNET Project

Streamlined earthworks, paving and surveying workflow applications
Sitelink3D v2 Haul Truck
Sitelink3D v2 Haul Truck

Track material movement in real time

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