3D-MC: Basic Training - View Menu (Lower Window)

How to customize the view options of the lower window. Check out this guide to see what features are available. 

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3D-MC: Basic Training - View Menu (Lower Window)

Lower Window

The Lower window option has the same available options available as the Left and Right window options, with the addition of a steering Light bar.

  • The light bar is only available if the operator is working with an alignment or selected linework on a TIN to steer towards.

Light bar

Selecting the Light bar will display a steering light bar at the bottom of the screen. 

  • The steering light bar is broken into three sections—green, yellow and red. The center green sections is the on-grade or on-line steering information. 
  • Each of the colored sections are operator adjustable. Touching the steering bar will display a menu, allowing the operator to configure or define the amount of precision required. 
  • The green option sets the green on-grade or on-line scaling. The yellow option defines the fine correction scaling. The extents sets the overall amount of steering information on the light bar.