3D-MC: Sites menu overview

An overview of the functionality of the Sites menu in 3D-MC

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3D-MC: Sites menu overview

Note: The Sites menu was introduced with 3D-MC v15 for X-53x automatic systems.

The Sites menu in 3D-MC is a modification of the Project menu in previous versions of 3D-MC.

The Sites menu combines locally saved project files with Sitelink3D-connected sites.

The Sites menu is laid out very similarly to previous versions of the Project menu.

However, Sitelink3D-connected project files will now have an icon next to them showing Sitelink3D connectivity.

The workflow for copying in existing *.TP3 files is the same as previous versions.

Adding new sites

When hitting the Add... button, a new screen will appear, giving the user the ability to perform two functions:

  • Add New Local Site
  • Add Existing Sitelink3D Site


Adding a New Local Site is similar to how the New... button worked in previous releases of 3D-MC.

Users can select to load control data from the previously selected project or create a blank project.

Adding an Existing Sitelink3D Site lets the user add a Sitelink3D-connected site by two ways:

  • Entering a Site ID and Access PIN
  • Driving onto a discoverable site

Guides for joining remote and discoverable sites are available on MyTopcon.