MAGNET Enterprise: Custom Roles

How to edit or customize roles in MAGNET Enterprise

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MAGNET Enterprise: Custom Roles

MAGNET provides 4 predetermined roles in Enterprise—Administrator, Consultant, Project Manager and Project Team Member—but, did you know that you can edit the permissions of these roles or create custom roles to better suit your project?

Edit Role

  • To modify an existing role, click on the role you wish to modify.  The Main Functionalities box will populate to the right. 
  • Check or uncheck the functionalities you wish to enable or disable respectively
  • Click SAVE. 
  • When the user next logs into MAGNET Enterprise, that function will be available or no longer visible as an option depending on the changes made.
  • Main functionalities
  • Some Main Functionalities have subfunctionalities that further enable or disable the functions of an account. 
  • For Example, the Data Manager widget contains multiple tabs, each with their own set of widgets.  Project Managers often want restrictions placed on employee access to these widgets and can do so by sorting through the extensive list of sub-functionalities for Data Manager here in Roles and either enabling or disabling that function for anyone within the role that they are editing. 

Add new role

  • An Administrator can build an entirely new Role outside of the Enterprise presets. 
  • Click Add
  • Give the role a name, and then choose the functionalities or sub-functionalities you want attributed to someone of that role. 
  • When all the desired functionalities have been checkmarked, click save.
  • The role will now become visible under Users when adding new users or editing existing ones.