MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management (Overview)

Understanding MAGNET Enterprise's Project Manager​ment widget

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MAGNET Enterprise: Project Management (Overview)

All Projects Overview Dashboard:

All Projects provides a macro view of the current status of all your visible projects. Visibility of projects is set by pressing the “Filter projects” icon and can be set to show any combination of Proposed, Active, and/or Closed projects. The All Projects dashboard contains a summary table, charts, and a calendar.

Project Proposals:

Use this to prepare a cost estimate for a project. You can create more than one proposal per project, but one proposal needs to be set “Active”, denoted by the green checkmark. This is the proposal that will be used by Project Manager for scheduling and project tracking. Proposals can also be saved as templates for use in creating future proposals.

Project Dashboard:

The Project Dashboard provides an up-to-date summary of the project health and status. The dashboard contains the following four sections.

  • Cost and Completion Summary
  • Health and Status Gauges
  • Calendar
  • Timecard

Project Schedule:

Use the Project Schedule to schedule staff members to perform tasks, modify the project schedule, and charge time to tasks. There are four main sections in this scheduler.

  • Task and Staff List
  • Current Schedule
  • Calendar
  • Timecard

Project Charts:

Project Charts are a graphical representation of the project status and health. Currently Project Manager will generate and display three types of charts.

  • Cost
  • % Complete
  • Burndown

Project Accounting:

Accounting gives an up-to-date summary for each task in the project in tabular form. Columns in the table include the following:

  • Task 
  • Start Date 
  • Completion Date 
  • % Complete
  • Health 
  • Estimate 
  • Cost 
  • Net 
  • Factors 

Project Settings:

Use this widget to edit the Project.  This may be used to reassign team members, change status, update the project location, or change/add a project photo.