MAGNET Enterprise: Unlicensed vs. Licensed accounts

Identifying unlicensed MAGNET Enterprise accounts and the advantages of having a licensed account 

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MAGNET Enterprise: Unlicensed vs. Licensed accounts

If you’ve never set up a MAGNET Enterprise account, it’s important to understand that unless the account is licensed, you will be very limited as to what you can actually do with your Enterprise account.  Anyone can set up a MAGNET Enterprise account for free from our website, , but without a license, you will be unable to :

  • Add users to your account
  • Send or receiving information from individuals working in the field
  • Store information in the cloud
  • Set budgets, assign tasks or create projects

An easy way to tell the difference between a licensed and unlicensed account is to observe the amount of widgets at the top of the screen.  In this example, only 6 widgets appear in the toolbar.  With this account, the user can activate new products using the Product Registration widget, but little else.  They cannot add additional users or share information to the cloud.  

Because this account is an activated account, the full host of tools associated with Enterprise is made available to the user.  Within this screen a user can choose to create a project, set a budget and timeline for that project, assign users, and restrict users according to role. A licensed user can even chat with connected devices in the field using the Chat icon. The user can still activate licenses if needed, and purchase new subscriptions or extend the maintenance agreement to subscriptions as they age.  

To activate a MAGNET Enterprise account, a user will need a Solutions based MAGNET Field license, or they may activate a standalone license for MAGNET Enterprise by entering the Enterprise serial number in Product Registration and clicking Verify.  The website will recognize the serial number entered as a license for Enterprise and prompt the user to log out and log back in to gain access to the full host of widgets