MAGNET Field: Onboard Total Station Offline Activation

How to activate MAGNET Field Onboard software on a Total Station.

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MAGNET Field: Onboard Total Station Offline Activation

Log on to your MAGNET Enterprise Account

  • Use the Members Login Portal to access your MAGNET Enterprise Account
  • Select the Product Registration Icon
  • Copy and Paste or type the Serial Number from your MAGNET Software Purchase Certificate into the Serial number field in the Product Registration Window
  • Click the Verify button
  • Copy and Paste or type the Device ID from your MAGNET Software Purchase Certificate into the Device ID field
  • Click Activate and Accept the End User Agreement, after reading, to proceed
  • Although a user could manually type in an authorization code by reading the results in MAGNET Enterprise and typing them in by hand on the instrument this is neither efficient nor advisable. 
  • Instead create a *.lic file 

Creating a *.lic file

  1. Open Notepad (or other text editor) on your computer
  2. Paste the authorization code into Notepad
  3. Confirm that pasted text is one continuous string with no carriage returns.
  4. Under "Save as type", choose "All Files"
  5. Save file using a *.lic extension for this example the file is named Activation.lic

Importing the Activation.lic file into MAGNET Field

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Navigate to your USB  drive
  • Save the *.lic file to the USB main directory

Total Station Activation

  • Power on the total station
  • Press escape until the Top Menu is Shown
  • Click on the MAGNET Field icon to open the software
  • Close the Warning screen
  • Open the external interface hatch
  • Insert the USB drive
  • Click the MAGNET icon in the upper left corner of the display
  • Click Activate Modules
  • Click the Offline activation button
  • Click Next
  • Type in the Serial Number 
  • Click Import



  • Navigate to the USB drive
  • Select the *.lic file
  • The Activation code text box will populate in MAGNET Field
  • Click Next
  • Accept the End User License Agreement
  • MAGNET Field is activated with purchased modules listed.
  • Click Done to return to the MAGNET Field home menu